Member Achievements

AZN Hernia Member

Membership of the Society will be by application

Membership will be open to all persons who are actively engaged in hernia surgery and management including research, education and innovation. No restrictions shall be imposed on any person by virtue of religious or political beliefs, gender, nationality, race or age, but the Society shall have the right to refuse membership to any person without assigning any reason thereof.

Please fill out the application form relating to the particular membership and send it to the email outlined in the application. 

Full Membership

Consultant medical practitioners with a significant interest in hernia surgery who holds a FRACS or equivalent.

Surgical trainee Membership

Available to SET or pre-SET trainees who would like to broaden their knowledge on hernia surgery. Those who are keen and seek potential mentorships in the future and have ideas on taking hernia surgery forward in both Australia and New Zealand.